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German Pils

Classic lager made with German like precision. Our version is stylishly bitter and an intense hop aroma. It is ‘clearer’ and more dry rather than full and sweet. The bonus – a beer of character and refreshing taste. The finishing touches of noble malt aftertaste, slightly spicy and floral. Just as all our beers it is not filtered, but we go all the way to keep it as clear, light and shiny as possible. A perfect companion to a variety of foods, especially grilled and roasted. Quenches thirst in an instant.

Ingredients: water, barley malts, noble hop German varietes, bottom fermentation beer yeasts.

Best served at: 4-8°C


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American IPA

AIPA – a new-wave, unconventional beer that show its hop nature breaking all the classic barriers. Beer lovers will be delighted about its intense bitterness and a tropical fruit aroma with a touch of coniferous tree forest. Rasin of a pine tree flavour, aroma of mango and blackberry … this is the sex-appeal of this IPA. It is a well balanced beer and characteristic of the US West Coast, which means drier and less caramel like. Its higher extract levels and deeper de-fermentation result in higher alcohol power. In this case, however, it is perfectly hidden and does not interfere with unwanted flavours.

Ingredients: water, barley malts, American hop varieties, beer yeast.

Best served at: 9-11°C


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Stout – once hefty and powerful, today this beer is also brewed in more session like styles. This is upper fermentation dark beer with a little aftertaste of burned coffee and bitter chocolate strengthened by a tone of sweet caramel. The beer is smooth as breakfast cereal, with low bitterness and a spectacular creamy froth. It is a low CO2 beer, which makes all the more drinkable.

Ingredients: water, barley malts, ereal, hop, beer yeast.

Best served at: 10-12°C


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American Pale Ale

APA, or an American pale ale, is a new-wave, standing out beer that brings an all justified smile of joy on the faces of all hop lovers. It is abundantly hopped, but mostly for the aroma’s sake also during cold fermentation. It is fruity in character with a distinct smell of flowers and forest raisins. It may well be said that it is a younger sibling of the fully loaded AIPA, which makes it more session like and ideal for tasting, devouring … for pure pleasure.

Ingredients: water, barley malts, American hops, beer yeast.

Best served at: 8-10°C


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Wheat Beer-Hefeweizen

The classic wheat beer in the Bavarian style of hefeweizen is characterized by a typical combination of a fruity (banana) aroma and the aroma of cloves. We owe this effect to a special type of brewer's yeast, which apart from the aromas, causes the beer to be unclear, which is typical of this style. This visual feature arises also, and perhaps above all, due to the use of a significant amount of wheat malt (wheat: in German – Weizen), which is rich in proteins. These, on the other hand, extend the durability of the foam, which joyfully decorates our wheat drink. The beer is stylishly not very bitter, but highly saturated and crisp. Our wheat beer is a proven proposition and choice for many beer lover.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, wheat malt, hop, top-fermentation beer yeasts.

Best served at: 6-10°C