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Brewery, pubs, beer … each and every one deserves joy, a moment of enjoyment, and full satisfaction. And this is what we have on offer for you whenever you drink our products or visit our pubs. Love for what we do, great atmosphere, a friendly talk and a high quality product – his is our way to make you happy

- Rafał Kowalczyk


Everything started with passion for beer and passion for people!

Our goal has always been sharing the best craft beer experience with others. Love for craft beer is our lifestyle and our connection to others. This is why the story of Jabeerwocky begins at a Warsaw pub. The place where we can spend time together and enjoy the taste of top shelf produce!
What happened later? Well, we embarked on an adventurous journey and it continues – we have decided to open up our own brewery!

Traditional craft in modern spaces...

Creating a brewery of our own has been our dream for years. Thanks to the know-how and expertise we have managed to put up a production hall, a new brewery plant and state-of-the-art bottle filling line. We wanted all the equipment to be produced locally, in Poland. We are proud of the fact that the project involved only Polish entities and Polish technologies. We have together created a top-notch brewery that is on the par with the best European brands. Our four vessel brewery has reached its desired volume and guarantees high production levels. The distribution line is also highly effective with the capacity of 1500 litres of beer per hour! We possess an efficient tunnel pasteurizer that enables beer quality preservation under full control. Summing up – our brewery is technically highly advanced with great future prospects, and – last but not least – it is our dream come true.

We put all our knowledge, taste and experience into producing our beer at each and every stage of the process. We constantly develop and create a special place with you in mind. We want this venue to abound with life and energy … more to come before long!


Our story

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Jabeerwocky opened its doors in May that year, following year long preparations. It started with one pub and seventeen tabs, but we always knew that JabeerProject would never stop at that. From the beginning we had plans for new locations and a brewery construction. However, before we decided to go on with new investments and sharing our know-how with others we needed to find out whether we could cope with what we had and with bringing satisfaction to our Patrons thanks to our beers and service.
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2016 was extremely intense. The pub in Warsaw was getting stronger with an ever-growing circle of fans. This year we were also awarded with the prestigious title of The Venue of the Year 2016, by Piwna Mapa Warszawy (Warsaw Beer Map).

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After six months of location scouting we finally purchased a one hectare lot with facilities. Piotr Wypych is our business partner in his part of the Project – a well known beer producer, investor , and one of the pioneers of the craft beer market in Poland. All the preparatory activities and procedures were launched, we made sure all legal requirements were met … and the brewery construction began...

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Alongside the brewery we develop the FRANCHISE project – a multi-tap Jabeerwocky concept. We seek sharing experience, promoting beer culture and developing beer craft in other cities. CRAFT for us is something way more important than brewing beer – it is a philosophy, it is professional coexistence. It is something far more than business, it is passion for life!

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Brewery opening is still a thing of the future, so as early as January 2019 we decided to start selling our contracted craft beers. For starters, in the styles that are close to our hearts: German Pils, American Pale Ale, American IPA, Oatmeal Stout. Next steps – zero alcohol beer, double hop IPA (double hop means liberally hopped), and a New Zealand style lager with local hop varieties.

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This year changed a lot, but our primary goal, to open the Jabeerwocky brewery, remained intact. We also stuck to our plans, but they had to be delayed due to the lockdown, which took everybody by surprise. As a result the Jabeerwocky pubs could not operate normally, but we never gave up. We were all the time active, although we had to change the mode of operation. And we missed our Patrons a lot!

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This is a special year for us! After years of preparation and hard work we are opening the Jabeerwocky brewery! We tae so much pride in the fact that it is not only the production and bottling plant of craft beer, but also a meeting hub and a place to celebrate craft culture. We are also planning to have the biggest in Poland craft pub in the brewery!



street: Starego Browarnika 2
05-840 Domaniewek, Polska
Tel: (+48) 695-861-228